Massage Is One Of The Best Tools To Keep Your Stress Down

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Many People indicate that the neck and shoulders are where they carry all their stress

Your body's way of protecting you from danger is to get ready to flee or fight.

It does this by tightening muscles, raise your heart rate, speed up your breathing, and heighten your awareness.

For short periods of time this state of tension is good for you. It gets you out the door when you are late for work. Fight or flight mode helps you avoid traffic accidents and helps you stay sharp with plenty of energy when you need it.

The problem is that most people are bombarded with situations that the nervous system perceives as threats. When your body is always on the defensive against these stressful events it doesn't have time to rest and recover for next time.

What do you get from this?

  • Tight Shoulders
  • Neck pain
  • Low Back Pain

Massage can immediately reduce the tension in your shoulders, neck, and back.

You have lots of responsibilities.

Making a living, keeping the kids fed, in clean clothes, happy and on time for school, and paying bills. Who is going to fix the car? Worries about your parents, college, weddings and retirement are on your mind.

All these things can make you tense, moody, or depressed. You might snap at your partner when you don't mean it, overeat, or get sick more often.

Tension and worries can cause headaches, neck and shoulder pain, sleepless nights and rundown days.

When you get regular massages you will feel better as your body slips into a routine of relaxed states.

By allowing yourself to unwind weekly you are helping your mind and body heal from the damage our hectic lifestyles deliver.

You may find that you can embrace challenges and take the small stuff in stride with a calmer more confident attitude, get more things accomplished and have more free time for yourself and family.

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