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Jean Rowe, LMT

648 W Tuscarwarus Ave.

Barberton, OH 44203

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About Jean Rowe LMT and A Quiet Spirit Massotherapy.

I'm Jean Rowe, your partner in health. I work with your body to decrease pain and increase movement. Feel the difference. 

I'm extremely shy and that's how I named the business.

I am always humbled and awed when someone calls or texts a few days after their appointment to tell me how great their shoulder, or neck, or back feels after the massage. I know the techniques to use on sore muscles and trigger points. I feel the 'magic' happen under my fingers. But i am only the helper in your healing. It's your body that decides to give up the tightness and allow me to soothe the muscles that have been keeping you in pain.

These calls and texts excite me. They mean the trust that you have place in my work was exactly what you needed. I'm excited to learn more about the perfect balance between the brain, nerves, muscles, and tendons. I am constantly fine tuning my massage techniques so I can assist you in getting back to your life in the most efficient way possible.

About Jean Rowe LMT Personally.

I'm a nature girl. I prefer to be barefoot. You'll probably see me kick off my shoes before your massage. I believe being professional is not dressing up to go to work but it is respecting you. Professionalism is all about getting to know your concerns and how they affect what you do every day. I want to connect with you before we touch.

I live on a lake. When I walk out the door, I'm blown away by the beauty of today.

The best item I've bought so far is an old John Boat for $150. It stays parked next to a little dock. After it rains I have to pick it up and dump out the water. My boat is not pretty. It came with an electric motor that I used once and a pair of beat up oars. Yeah, I envy the fancy boats driving to the boat launch. They are not my style.

On a nice day I'll step in, push off and row a little way. Then stop and I've found peace. It is a moment that I know who I am.

I own a motorcycle that I never learned to ride. I got it up to 25mph once in a parking lot. And there's the time I fell over in the driveway. The kids thought that was hilarious. I really should sell it. The bike scares me.

About Jean Rowe LMT, How I Became A Massage Therapist.

Many people ask why I do what I do. It goes way back to when I was a little girl. My mom fell off our Hippity Hop and broke her back. Do you remember those big bouncy balls you sit on with a handle and hop about?

She was always in a lot of pain. I remember giving her back rubs on the living room floor.

I studied at the Ohio College of Massotherapy. I have an Associated Degree in Applied Science of Massotherapy.

I'm trained in the modalities of:

  • Precision Nueuromuscular Therapy
  • Myofascial Release
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Spa Treatments like Aromatherapy, Body Scrubs, Herbal Body Wraps, and Paraffin Dips.

Now That You know a Little About Me . . . . . .

It's time to schedule a massage so I can learn about you, what kind of work you do, what you like to do for fun, and what i can do to for you so you can lead your life without stress and pain.

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Jean Rowe

648 W Tuscarwarus Ave.

Barberton, OH 44203

330 388-0780