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My Services Have Changed. 

I do massage and bodywork. To keep things simple, on the massage side, it's pretty traditional deep massage, with a flair of the different styles I've learned.

Bodywork is deep mat based unwind session, to undo set in pain and restriction.

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Jean Rowe, LMT

1024 N. Wooster Rd

Barberton, OH 44203

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Services and Rates



Swedish deeply relaxes your mind and muscles allowing your body to heal and rejuvenate itself. Therapeutic If you have acute or chronic pain issues massage can help ease your pain, let you move easier and be more flexible. Deep Slow, deep and constant pressure. It helps muscle fiber regain their elasticity. Relaxation Imagine yourself drifting deeper and deeper into a state of bliss, a fabulous floating sensation. Spa Yes, I like the girly thing! Hot Stones melt your mind and muscles. More Styles toolbox quickly: Lomi, Myofascial, Nuromuscular, Trigger Point, to name a few.


Mat based, on the floor. Wear comfy clothes because you'll stay dressed. This where the unwinding and reestablishing patterns happens. 

Massage/Bodywork Rates

30 minute Wisp $45 

60 Minute Breath $65

90 minute Detangle $90 

2 hour Unwind $110 

3 hour Reboot $150

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Jean Rowe

1024 N Wooster Rd

Barberton, Ohio 44203

330 388-0780