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If you, like most of us, have to work for a living, looking after your back and musculoskeletal system will save you and you employer a lot of stress and money in the future. It's frightening, but did you know according to the Global Burden of Disease 2010, a staggering thirty-one million Americans say that are dealing with the symptoms of low back pain at any one time, costing over 50 million dollars in conventional medical treatments, worker's compensation and absence from work?

Why risk it when a study that was carried out in 2011 proved that having regular lower back massages helped to relieve the pain before it got to the stage where it needed medication or taking time off from work?

Beat the pain of inactivity

I know most of us can't help it, but the average American sits still for eight or nine hours every day. If your job means that you have no choice but to sit at a wheel or desk, it will pull your shoulders forward and cause them to become rounded. This has the effect of weakening your upper and lower back muscles, which is why you'll be feeling that pain in your upper body.

If you can manage to get up and about regularly to do some exercise, and team this with a regular massage, your posture will thank you and you should feel a reduction in pain from sitting for so long during working hours.

Massage can be a very good pain reliever

If you are in chronic pain and don't want to keep taking higher and higher doses of pain medication to try to alleviate it, it can be worth trying a regular course of massage therapy to get on top of the pain and manage it better.

For chronic pain, at least a weekly massage is recommended - more if the pain is severe, at least to start with. You can later reduce it depending on how you feel.

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Jean Rowe

648 W Tuscarwarus.

Barberton, OH 44203

330 388-0780